Moving on

Deleting everything is just part of moving on, taking step by step through it. Deleting every way of contacting that person, deleting those picture, videos, messages, anything that reminds you of that one person that can be deleted. You need time to heal and talking and contacting him/her wont help at all. You'll have to get used to not hearing their voice, seeing their name pop up on your phone and also hanging out with them. You need to move on to be happy again, so deleting any contact is one step to acceptance. Accepting that it's really over, that he/she is really gone. Its not going to be easy , its going to be hard. You'll have those late nights that you'll reminisce but through time it will get easier. Through time, it will get better. Soon, every piece of memory will soon disappear. Sure you'll remember them from time to time. But not as much as you did when you guys just broke up. Everything doesnt last forever, eventually you guys will end. Thats why you cherish every minute with that special person, because you never know when you'll reach the end.


  1. Nadia, keep calm and everyday i will look at urs twitter and all ur twitcon very intersting :)) i truly want to spend my time chit chat with you :P)

  2. sure rara , you can tweet me :)

  3. Hi Nadia,sorry Miss your comment.tweet? U have many followers and I think my tweets surely is okay.XD