The argumentative couple.
The couple that always fights, yet they never have the guts to leave each other.

The ‘IT’ couple.
The couple that everyone wishes to be. The one couple that everyone looks up to. and wishes to have such a relationship.

The playful couple.
The relationship everyone wishes they had with their significant one. Where they can play practical jokes on each other, and yet still find each other way too resisting.

The romantic couple.
The couple that always has everything planned out for each other. Anniversaries. Holidays. They both know what to do for one another. and always plans something just to see the other one smile.

The risky couple.
The couple that took the risk of falling in love with each other. And yet, still have the feelings that they had, when they first fell for one another.

The ‘trying’ couple.
The couple that always seems to have most problems. But always keep trying, because losing each other would be the worst thing for them.

The ‘perfect’ couple.
A couple that is just satisfied to have each other. With them, and yet so far away.

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