Guys, working your way into a girl heart start by understanding who she is and what she wants. Understanding how they fall in love means embracing their thoughts and ideas. Once you can understand what's inside their hearts, then you can understand their feelings. Know that having a sense of humor, a personality, a character is near the top of every girl's wish list. They want someone that can intrigue them, girls adore a man that not only makes her laugh but keeps her laughing. Laughter makes every moment more memorable, so women naturally prefer to keep company with a great sense of humor you know ? Each time she reflects back on a funny moment you give her a brand new reason to smile. It cant all be serious 24hours life requires some silly time and good laughs.

So guys do you know girls enjoy sweet words, enticing glances, soft whispers and light touches. They are drawn to compassion and kindness, So a guys ability to be gracious and humble goes a lot farther than trying to act all cool. Trust me, they care more about who you are than what you do and who you know, and what you have. They love a guy who passion, someone who is goal oriented and someone who can give them a sense of security. They want to feel loved and free but at the same time protected.

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